Part II: Building listening skills: Getting the best out of videos and youtube


Part II: Building listening skills: Getting the best out of videos and youtube

How do I keep students engaged during the video? Setting a task will keep them focused.

Have students read their worksheets or study the graphic organizers before the video.

It is advisable to play the video in its entirety before students complete their worksheets.
Pause at significant sections to allow students to write or take in what has been said.
You  may need to play it more than twice on some occasions.

During activities:

1) Turn on the subtitles: This will be most helpful especially if the audio is a bit crackly or you have tiny speakers in the room!

2) Graphic Organizers: Prepare a graphic organizer to help in note-taking (there is a world of GOs out there:
3) Gap-fill: Create a gap fill worksheet. Be mindful that it is in chronological order and does not require more than 3 words per gap (or students do not have time to listen and write). It’d be good if the gaps are filled with information and not just new words.
4) Questions: Create a series of questions that you would like your students to answer. Be mindful to keep to a particular format – having gap-fills, matching items, and short answers in one worksheet is cognitively challenging.
5) Student-created questions: Task different groups to come up with either, Why?, When? Who? questions; students have to create 3 questions for their peers to answer; students create True/False questions.
6) Jigsaw: Perhaps your topic or theme allows for the creation of picture jigsaws or concepts that can be matched or be arranged chronologically during the video.
7) Blank screen: Freeze the screen (on your IWB),  play only the audio. Have students give the gist of the video or predict what they might see in the video. Then play the video, visuals and all.
8) Hands in the air: For a more interactive viewing experience, have students raise their hands every time they hear a specific question answered.

Using youtube videos (from a colleague)  – removes all the clutter from youtube so it just shows the clip on a white screen, simple and brilliant – allows you to create an online Q and A session whilst watching an uncluttered youtube clip  – allows you to save youtube clips, which you can then embed into docs/Moodle ,etc.

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I'm Heading the EAL dept and Teaching ESL Students in the Mainstream Classroom (TESMC) trainer on Jeju island, South Korea. I'm enjoying the IT revolution in the classroom and discovering new IT tools to support my lessons. Reading is at the top of my list: “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go" Dr Seuss, I can read with my eyes shut. Learning Korean is my biggest challenge at this point in time. However, a word a day is my target.

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