I believe…


Every now and then, I feel it is necessary to take stock and think about what is important in our lives. It does not matter if you are old or young, studying or working, happy or sad.

Thinking about things that matter, makes us more focused, helps us prepare our journey in life and when we achieve our goals, we feel proud of ourselves and our success. Success usually stems from hard work and hard work is a result of knowing our goals, knowing where we are headed is part of reflection.

Take the time to think of what you believe in, what you live for and how you can adjust the things in your life to make it meaningful and successful.

I believe…by Mrs Misso-Veness

I believe that everyday when I go to school,

   I will make a difference in a student’s life,

             I will inspire a teacher and

                     I will make a small change as a teacher, a wife, a mother and a daughter.

I know many things are possible because ‘I BELIEVE’.

What do you believe you are able to do? Write down your own mantra.


About mrsmissoveness

I'm Heading the EAL dept and Teaching ESL Students in the Mainstream Classroom (TESMC) trainer on Jeju island, South Korea. I'm enjoying the IT revolution in the classroom and discovering new IT tools to support my lessons. Reading is at the top of my list: “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go" Dr Seuss, I can read with my eyes shut. Learning Korean is my biggest challenge at this point in time. However, a word a day is my target.

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  1. I believe that nothing in the world is impossible.
    It isn’t right to say something is impossible before you try it.
    Take risks, and be brave
    Even if the whole world go against you,
    it is worth trying, if you really think that is right
    Learn to stand up against millions of oppositions
    Learn how to take risks instead of measuring possibilities
    Don’t try to go along with others, that might be wrong
    Stand out as yourself
    Never feel despair when you fail in something
    I believe in love
    It may be from your family, friend or mate
    but I believe in love
    and I believe that nothing in the world is impossible unless you try

  2. I believe if fists gather together
    I could be something more then a fairy
    A something bigger, something righteous
    Something more then a flick of pencil
    Rather like a flick of pen

    I believe if birds gather together
    It won’t be eaten by any snakes nor humans
    And by just flying there they are strong
    Just standing there makes us hold
    Our fists stronger as they fly

  3. I believe that every people in the world has something that they are confident and good at at least one thing.
    Even though they think that they don’t have anything to be proud of themselves because they are not talented, I think that they have talents at something, but it’s just that they have never tried it yet.

  4. I believe practice makes me able to do anything.
    I believe practicing piano will make me a better pianist.
    I believe practicing writing an essay will make me a better writer.

    I think practice is an only way to get better at things.
    Something that you thought you will never achieve it will be achieved after a long practice.
    Nothing is impossible.

  5. I believe that everything can come true in this world.
    I believe there are no actual “limits” to one’s life and potential.
    We don’t recognise our potential because we doubt ourselves – we doubt whether we can do one thing or not.
    But look around you, and think again. Have you really reached your limit? Can’t you go any further?
    I think you can always extend yourself, no matter how hard it is, and no matter how hard you doubt it.
    Wish hard, try your best. Enjoy whatever you do. That is the key to everyone’s success.

  6. I believe in my dreams.
    I believe that in my life, everything that I wished so dearly will definetely come true.
    Some of those enchanting future dreams already showed up while sleeping, and my determination grows until I am fully mesmerized by it.
    Those dreams fulfill myself, helping me live through this challenging world, supporting myself from the back so that I don’t fall.
    I won’t give up and I believe it is possible.
    It is possible, it is definetely possible.
    Don’t you lose your hope.

  7. I believe in miracles.
    I believe that an earnest desire that you wish will come true.
    I believe that those miracles are right beside you if you are really desperate.
    And I am waiting for the miracles to come.

  8. I believe that good and bad always come together.
    I believe that hope and despair always come together.
    I believe that light and dark always come together.

    When it seems hopeless,
    why would people cling onto it when is not worth it?
    When it seems so dismal and dark,
    why would people be so obsessed with it?

    Happiness is never vague.
    It only shows up to people who believe truly in themselves.
    So I believe.
    I believe in nothing else, but MYSELF.

  9. I believe that no matter who you are and what religion you believe in, something magical will happen to you that will change your life forever. Nobody will be able to explain it.
    It may not have come to you yet, or it may have but you just might not have noticed it.

  10. I believe in ghosts.
    Even though people die, they remain around us and always stay with us.
    Don’t be sad when a person who you love dies, because he or she will always stay with you and thinking about you.

    • Lovely thought. I’ve lost my grandma only recently and memories of my life with her is still strong. Ghosts, spirits, energy, love, faith… they came in different names.

  11. I believe I would be able to be an expert in math
    I believe every time during math class, I make difference in my math knowledge.
    It is true nobody can do everything perfectly,
    but I believe I can improve it

  12. I believe…

    I don’t have any limits to what I can do, where i can go, or who I can be with.
    If I try, I believe everything is possible.
    I believe in myself, and this is what gives me the confidence to be persistent and keep trying.
    I believe in myself; I can do anything.

  13. I believe that I can achieve so many goals, influencing wide range of people in the future some day. I also believe that I can inspire and give hope to people who are in a downfall of their life, almost about to give up on themselves.

  14. I believe… by Innes Kim
    I believe that when I wake up every day
    Something exciting will happen that will delight my day
    and give me the happiness that i can share with
    and make my life more worthy
    and prepare my journey towards success
    I believe that it’s going to be an uphill battle
    But I know that I can make it
    because ‘I believe’

  15. I believe I am a person who can take a risk and challenge myself.
    I believe I can achieve my goals by working extremely hard.
    I believe I can be successful in my life.
    I believe I am a person who is not only care about myself by other people as well.
    I believe I have lots of people who care about me as well; I know that I have to thank for them for their helping.
    I believe I can improve myself more further.

  16. I believe…
    I can be better than I am now
    I achieve more than my limits
    I will someday inspire someone

    I could do all of these things because I believe in myself.

    • I believe in fairies.
      I believe that in this world, many small ecosystems exist, but we just don’t acknowledge them.
      Underneath the colourful autumn leaves, behind the giant oak tree, deep in the clear, cool lakes, fairies are living, just the way we do on earth.
      If you can’t see them, look closer.
      Open your eyes and seek for their twinkling wings, emerald suits and gleaming shoes.
      If you still can’t see them, look even closer.
      Look until you see the veins on the leaves, until you hear the flap of the butterfly’s wings, and until you feel the brisk pace of the ants scrambling over your hand.
      What? You still can’t see them?

      Well, just because you can’t see them, it doesn’t mean they are not there.

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