Are you a good language learner?


1. I think first and foremost, to be a good language learner, you need to be realistic about your goals and achievements. There will be times when it would seem like you are not making much progress and at others, you would be scaling great heights. Do set aside time to learn, read, write and speak in order to become proficient in English.

2. Do understand how you learn best – do you need visual explanations? Do you learn and remember best by taking notes whilst listening? And most importantly, ask your teachers for help if you do not understand a particular exercise or lesson.

3. As a language learner, you need to be adventurous and take risks. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. We learn from them and we grow.

“It’s okay to not know, but it’s not okay to not try” [click on link]

4. Be an active learner, be independent – do not expect to learn everything about the English language just seated in class. Speak to your friends in English. Grab all the opportunities to communicate English. Do not wait for your teacher to direct your learning.

5. Now that you have made it past the entrance exams and are in NLCS Jeju, you need to challenge yourself and work on communicating accurately at a higher level. When you sit for your IB exams, you are competing against the rest of the world for entrance into a reputable university. Your English needs to be on par with an English-speaker, your essays need to stand out, you need to show balance between academic work and community/school activities.


There are so many other factors that affects your learning of English. Chin up, work hard, seek help.


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