Idiom Competition



I’ve posted a new ESL Competition. It’s an idiom competition where old sayings die heard.  It’s up on the ESL noticeboard outside GS 211. Give it a go. There will be a prize for the winner or winners.

What’s an idiom?

The dictionary defines an idiom as, “ a group of words that have a different meaning from the usual meaning of the separate words.”

For example:

To pass : to not accept an offer

To pass on : to die

To make a pass : to show someone romantically that you like them  (if you do it to the wrong person, you might get a slap!)

Why do we use idioms?

Idioms add a little ‘something’ to language. What do I mean? It can make a description more vivid and brief instead of a long literal translation, and it’s part of language, not just the English language. Learning idioms and using them would give you a much richer understanding of the English language and culture. To do well, you need to roll up our sleeves (get to start work), put your nose to the grindstone (start working hard) and read, learn, apply. Good luck!


About mrsmissoveness

I'm Heading the EAL dept and Teaching ESL Students in the Mainstream Classroom (TESMC) trainer on Jeju island, South Korea. I'm enjoying the IT revolution in the classroom and discovering new IT tools to support my lessons. Reading is at the top of my list: “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go" Dr Seuss, I can read with my eyes shut. Learning Korean is my biggest challenge at this point in time. However, a word a day is my target.

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