Using linkers in writing


We have looked, though rather briefly, at how sentences are linked to each other in paragraphs and in an essay. Sometimes, you will notice that we use the words, ‘cohesive devices’ or ‘discourse makers’. Here is a short list of some of these linkers.

Textual sequencing:               firstly, secondly, finally,

Adding information:              in addition, furthermore,

Similar idea or information: likewise, similarly, equally

Contrasts:                                  however, in fact, in contrast

Causes and results:                  therefore, hence, as a result

Exemplifying:                           for example, for instance

Re-state:                                    in conclusion, to sum up,

ACTIVITY QUESTION: How often do you use these in your daily speech and writing?

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I'm Heading the EAL dept and Teaching ESL Students in the Mainstream Classroom (TESMC) trainer on Jeju island, South Korea. I'm enjoying the IT revolution in the classroom and discovering new IT tools to support my lessons. Reading is at the top of my list: “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go" Dr Seuss, I can read with my eyes shut. Learning Korean is my biggest challenge at this point in time. However, a word a day is my target.

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  1. I wrote the this words are for paragraph. Individually, I didn’t like use the keywords for speech. Because we use a lot of connects words, it can be misunderstood.

    • Actually, Leah, in English, connectors help the reader or listener, if you are speaking, to know if you are going on to a new point, going to continue talking or ending what you are saying. I do understand that as a learner of English, it can be rather confusing at times and not always easy to apply in your work. Nevertheless, do keep using them as they make your essays easier to read and follow. Good luck, Leah.

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